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Foster Application (fill out this section if you want to foster. Otherwise, skip to section 3.)

If you rent, email a copy of your current pet policy or a letter from the landlord giving permission to foster to volunteer@earps.org.

I understand that each species of animal has specific dietary and environmental needs. I agree to follow the care sheet given to me by EARPS, Inc. regarding appropriate food, bedding, etc. I am aware that not following the care sheet puts the foster animal in danger of developing many medical conditions that can result in irreversible damage to organ systems and death.
EARPS, Inc. will attempt to provide you with an honest evaluation of temperament on any animal we have. Do you realize that often times the complete history of an animal may not be known and you may encounter some behavioral problems?
While you are caring for foster animals, EARPS, Inc. will call you occasionally to check on the animal’s progress and address any concerns. EARPS, Inc. reserves the right to remove an animal from a foster home if EARPS, Inc. has any reason to believe that the health or welfare of the animal is in jeopardy. If for any reason the foster parent cannot fulfill the fostering duties, the animal must be returned directly to an EARPS representative. If the foster parent decides to adopt the animal they are fostering, they must submit an adoption application, be subject to the adoption approval process, and appropriate adoption fees. If a foster parent finds a possible permanent home for their foster animal, they must direct that perspective owner to a representative of EARPS, Inc. to begin the adoption process.

Volunteer Agreement

In consideration of EARPS, Inc. accepting my application for volunteering, I agree to release and hold EARPS, Inc. harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, claims, liability, and costs of any nature whatsoever. I understand there are certain risks inherent in handling animals and I accept those risks.
Volunteers may not accept any animal surrendered to them in the name of EARPS, Inc.. The person surrendering the animal must be directed to EARPS, Inc. and fill out the appropriate paperwork. EARPS, Inc. will not provide any financial support to any animal being fostered that has not been processed by EARPS, Inc.
Volunteers may not adopt out any EARPS foster or sanctuary animals in the name of EARPS, Inc.. The person wanting to adopt must be directed to EARPS, Inc. and fill out the appropriate paperwork.
By initialing below, I acknowledge that filling out a volunteer application does not guarantee a volunteer position with EARPS, Inc. A personal interview must also be taken into consideration. Foster Applicants - a home inspection is taken into consideration.

By signing this form, you agree to the above statements and certify that all answers given are true and factual and agree to an interview prior to volunteering for EARPS, Inc. Fosters also agree to a house check prior to volunteering. Use your mouse or touchscreen to sign below.

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