Foster application

Foster parents must be willing and able to bring the dog to adoption events or open hours as needed. Adoption First Animal Rescue understands that you will not always be available to do this, but for the majority of the time you are willing to try to accommodate so that your foster dog has the chance to be adopted at our events. INITIAL BELOW
Adoption First Animal Rescue can supply the dog food for your foster. If the rescue supplies the food you understand that it is donated dog food. It may not be the type of dog food you typically use for your own dogs and you understand that the food will change periodically based on what has been donated to the rescue. If you would like your foster to be on a certain type of food, you will be responsible for supplying such food. INITIAL BELOW
Foster Dogs may not be fully vetted before joining your house. You understand there is always a risk that a dog coming straight from a shelter may have an underlying illness we are not aware of. You understand that your personal pets may also be susceptible to catching such illnesses. Vaccinations will greatly improve the odds your personal pet does not catch any diseases, but they are never 100% effective. You as the Foster understand it is your responsibility to treat your dogs if they do become sick and not the rescues. The rescue will pay for the treatment of the rescue dog. INITIAL BELOW
Upon approval of the Application, I understand that I am solely responsible for the care of the dog or cat that is placed with me. I understand that I have signed a release that means any situation that may arise is not the responsibility of Adoption First Animal Rescue. I understand that at any point, if I cannot care for the foster pet, I will return the pet to Adoption First Animal Rescue’s Care. I understand that this foster pet is owned by Adoption First Animal Rescue and that I as the foster have no claims to this pet in any way. I also agree that it is the decision of Adoption First Animal Rescue who adopts the pet and Fosters will not always be the first choice. I understand that at any point Adoption First Animal Rescue can take physical custody of the foster pet without cause. I also agree to uphold all of the responsibilities of a Foster Parent as outlined below: Responsibilities of the Foster Parent: • Never leave the foster unattended outside • Always make sure the foster has access to clean water • Feed the foster on a regular schedule as discussed with Adoption First • Never tie the foster out on a chain • If you are not home, Adoption First strongly recommends crating the dog (this will train the dog to behave in a crate, while also ensuring the dog does not get into any “trouble”) • Make yourself available to Adoption First when check-ups are needed (this can include home checks, vet appointments, etc.- Adoption First will always transport from the facility if you are unable to do so) • Administer any medicines the foster may need to be on • Take pictures and videos if possible and send to Adoption First. Foster Stories are a really great way to find the foster a forever home! • Do not leave the dog alone with children; Adoption First is not responsible for any accidents that may occur • Love and give the foster attention INITIAL BELOW *
HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT LIABILITY WAIVER Release, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement The undersigned individual (hereinafter “Volunteer”) has voluntarily elected to assist the Adoption First Animal Rescue (“Adoption First”) either directly or indirectly with the operations of Adoption First which may include, but are not limited to administrative activities, sanitation, animal interaction in whatever form, and providing animals suitable shelter and sustenance (“Tasks”). Volunteer acknowledges that there are certain risks involved in the activities associated with the same, and that even with the utmost care, there is possibility of personal injury. To this end, the Volunteer agrees as follows: 1. As a condition of the Volunteer being permitted to assist in the Tasks, Volunteer agrees to RELEASE, INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS, and further covenants not to sue, Adoption First from and against any claims, demands, actions, liens, rights, subrogated or contribution interests, debts, liabilities, judgements, costs, and attorneys fees, arising out of claims on account of, or any manner predicated upon, the Volunteer’s participation in the Tasks, including claims pursued by licensees, invitees, and trespassers of Volunteer. 2. Volunteer hereby covenants and agrees, for her/himself and her/his representatives, that s/he shall not institute, prosecute, or in any way aid in the institution or prosecution of any demand, claim or suit against Adoption First for any injury suffered by her/him, including injury to personal property, which may occur as a result of her/his participation in the Tasks. 3. Volunteer grants express, voluntary and knowing consent to the rendering of all emergency medical or dental treatment that may, in the sole judgement of Adoption First and its employees and agents, become necessary while participating in the Tasks if Volunteer is otherwise unable to render a knowing, informed, and consensual medical or dental decision. 4. In executing this Agreement, Volunteer represents and warrants that, to the best of her/his knowledge, s/he is in good physical health, and knows of no reason why s/he cannot participate in the Tasks. 5. This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina. Furthermore, venue for any action, whether at law or in equity, shall be in Onslow County, North Carolina. INITIAL BELOW