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Hear No Evil Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is an organisation run solely on the support of volunteers. Our volunteers come from all over Australia, from varying background but without them, it would not have been possible for Hear No Evil to achieve what it has so far.

It's not about what our volunteers do, or how much they do that matters it's that they all have the same common goal in mind and that is to rescue and rehome deaf and special needs dog.

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Don't worry, we won't ask you to do everything you select. It allows us to best match tasks to the right people.

Hear No Evil Ambassador

As our Deaf Dog Ambassadors are required to attend events and be comfortable around a multitude of people and strange things, the following will help us determine if your dog would be suitable as an Ambassador. We have a minimum standard and dogs would fall into one of three levels.

Level 1. Practically, bombproof! (Has a high level of training, comfortable in all scenarios. Suitable for public events, school demo, etc.

Level 2. Show-offs with limits! (Basic training and manners, suitable for public events with supervision / monitored interactions depending on dog's comfort limits.

Level 3. Social media stars! (Not available / suitable for public events).

What level is your dog?

What are your dog's measurements (in centimetres)?

Legal Stuff

As a volunteer of Hear No Evil, Australian Deaf Dog Rescue, I understand and agree to the following:

  1. I am 18 years of age or older and have read, understood and agreed to the terms below.
  2. I agree to follow all instructions given by the Executive Committee, volunteer coordinator, and/or local area coordinator in relation to volunteer activities for Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue (HNE).
  3. I agree to immediately advise my local area coordinator and/or volunteer coordinator of any issues that may arise during the volunteer activities that have an actual or potential impact on me, any HNE dog (foster or ambassador) or the rescue.
  4. I indemnify HNE, its Executive Committee and other volunteers for any liability, costs or expenses which arise as a result of my actions or omissions (including negligence) when volunteering for HNE.
  5. I will notify HNE within 7 days of any change to my contact details recorded above.
  6. By submitting your personal information you agree to receive occasional marketing and updates emails from Hear No Evil Australian Deaf Dog Rescue.

Hear No Evil Contact Information -> Email: admin@deafdogrescue.com.au | Phone No: 0497414632 | Website: deafdogrescue.com.au