Dog Adoption Application

A successful adoption depends on the selection of the right dog for your household and your understanding of the responsibility taken when you adopt a rescued dog. Thus our adoption procedures have been designed to make sure all rescued Sandi Paws Rescue dogs are placed in an appropriate, loving forever home, and to make sure all adopters find the right dog for their family. Prior to adoption, all dogs will be given all age appropriate vaccinations, including rabies, kennel cough, parvo and distemper, spaying/neutering, intestinal deworming, heartworm testing/treatment, microchipped, and monthly heartworm medication and flea prevention We will adopt dogs outside of Wisconsin if we can find someone qualified to do the home visit and any necessary follow up. Also the adopting home must agree to transport the dog back to Wisconsin if the adopted dog needs to be returned.

By filling out this form completely and accurately as possible, you will have a greater chance of having your application approved in a timely manner. Sandi Paws Rescue cannot guarantee that any dog is a purebred dog, except in very rare instances when the dog was turned into a shelter with breeding papers. In the case of puppies, please note we try to classify them properly, but puppies may change in appearance as they grow older.

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Please contact your vet immediately to ensure they will release information to Sandi Paws Rescue. This will speed up the process of the application. Vet's will NOT release this information without your consent.

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