PLEASE READ: At Ruby’s Rescue & Retreat, NFP, we get many applications for each dog. We look over all applications for each dog and we choose the BEST FIT FOR THE DOG. We do not go by first come, first served. If you are not chosen for a particular dog, it does not mean you were denied or turned down. It simply means that for this particular dog, we found a better match. Please understand that due to the number of applications received, we cannot respond to every application. If your application is chosen for a particular dog, we will contact you via email to schedule a time for you to come and meet the dog. Submitting the application does not obligate you to adopt the dog should you meet him/her and decide they are not a good fit for your home. Only applications that are completed in full will be considered.

Ruby's Rescue Adoption Application

Input mm/dd/yyyy
Enter the pet's name that you want to adopt. If you want more than 1 pet, enter the first name, then "/", then second name.
Enter your first name.
Enter your last name.
Your street or country address.
Your city.
Your state.
Your zip code.
Your home phone number.
Your cell phone number.
Enter your email address.
NAMES and AGES of all people living in your household, including yourself. If this information is not provided, your application will not be considered.
Have any children under 18 in this household been previously exposed to dogs? Check yes or no. (Please keep in mind that a young puppy may jump on, lick, chew, or even nip a small child until they learn this is not acceptable behavior.)
Give an estimate on how soon you will be ready to bring your new dog home.
Give a short explanation on why you have decided to adopt a dog or puppy.
Choose Own or Rent.

Enter your landlord's name and phone number.
Choose from the choices provided.

Choose one of the choices.

Enter yes or no and the type of fence you have, if you have one, such as chain-link or wood, etc.
Describe how you will exercise or take out your dog to potty.
Where your dog will sleep at night.
Approximate time that dog will be alone each day.
Where will your dog be when staying along?
Enter approximate hours.
List each current pet with breed and age separated by commas. (Such as: Rufus, German Shepherd mix, 8 and Sadie, cat, 4)
Choose yes or no.
If not, which one(s) are not, and why?
Describe your reason for not giving heartworm prevention to your dog.
Enter your veterinarian's name and phone number (including area code).
List any pets you have had in the last 5 years that are no longer with you and why.
Please do not list Family members
Please do not list Family members
Do you understand?

Ruby's Rescue and Retreat in McLean, IL